iCloud Storage Plans | How to Upgrade iCloud Using Windows PC?

iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage of the iCloud drive gives you up to 5GB free on Apple storage media for Backups. Well, the iCloud drive is the official site by which you can easily store and also download back the files. The storage capacity is awesome compared to … [Continue reading]

How to Setup with iCloud Drive for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch?

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is an official cloud storage for files like Photo, Videos, Documents and much more for the Apple device. If you are having the Apple device like iPhone, iPad, Mac PC then you must sign up here with iCloud Drive. This will help you to … [Continue reading]

GBWhatsApp Apk v5.90 Download Free Latest Version For Android!!

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is an application for Android phones. WhatsApp is one of those applications which is available in almost all the smartphone around the world. Its simple convenient way of messaging makes it an excellent messaging app. And the craze for … [Continue reading]

Siri For Android | Download the Latest Alternatives Of Siri App Free!!

siri fro android

Now a day, the voice recognition or voice assistant feature become more popular in Smartphones. If we talk about both Android and iOS devices, the voice assistant is very much important for all. As we know that in Apple devices, the Siri plays a very … [Continue reading]

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices

WhatsApp Messenger Free Download

Technology in its advancement has totally changed how we interact with each other and connect either with our loved ones or to our professional interests. The increasing growth and coverage of internet infrastructure in our cities all around the … [Continue reading]

Best Music Download Apps for Android Device Free Latest Version

Best Music Download Apps

Music, rhythm is a way of life. Without music, a human life is meaningless. Music is one of the greatest ways to express our inner feelings, personality, and desire. Music can be a way to communicate, to make a bond with others. There is barely a … [Continue reading]

iPad Air 3 Release Date, Price, Rumors, Features and Specs!!

iPad Air 3

It has been a few years the iPad Air 2 has been released in the market which has gained heavy popularity among its users because of its amazing working features. Similarly, good news for the people who are longing for the new iPad Air 3 is that you … [Continue reading]

Apple’s Facetime Vs Google Duo: What’s the Main Difference?

Facetime VS Google Duo

Like Facetime the apple product, Google also has released its video chatting application Duo. There are many popular instant messaging app available at the market which and the most popular apps are those which allows video calling facility through … [Continue reading]

Google Allo Apk | Download Latest App on iOS & Android Devices Free

Google Allo APK for Android

Google Allo Apk is one of the new Google Application which has become the most popular app in the Google Play Store. This app is another great messaging app which will make the user conversations easier, more reliable, more expressive, and most … [Continue reading]

Facebook Messenger App | Messenger Download for Facebook Chat Free

Facebook Messenger App

The success of any idea lies in its constant urge to develop into a better concept. Facebook seems to apply this concept very well for its users. Since its inception in 2003, it has been consistently bringing something newer and better to it’s over a … [Continue reading]