How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iOS and Mac OS?

After getting a brand new iPhone, you might be facing issue with iMessage activation. “iMessage waiting for activation” error message is a common experience for most of the iOS unit owners. If you are facing the same issue on your iPhone then it’s time fix it with the help below fixation methods.

iMessage is a very favorite feature for most iOS device users. To use this, you just need to register to iMessage server. The problem is that sometimes activation error occurs while activating the iMessage. Though most of the time it works fine some users are facing this issue on their device.

So, if you are also facing the same trouble activating iMessage on your iOS device then here I will be guiding you to fix the issue. The steps are easy so, you can initiate you iMessage activation without any sweat. Let’s get into the fact and learn about it to fix the “iMessage waiting for activation…” error.

iMessage Waiting for Activation Error – How to Fix and Activate?

iMessage Waiting for Activation

Before we get into the methods makes sure you did with these all process. Actually, these steps are all about quick troubleshooting to fix iMessage waiting for activation notification error. So, before you get into more complex methods try out these to fix iMessage activation issue on your iOS device.

Quick Troubleshoot for iMessage Activation Error:

# It is very important to set your contact number in “My Number” option. Adding your own number the system auto-detect your number and sync with iMessage and FaceTime app. You can see your number at the top of Contacts menu. However, if you haven’t set it yet then follow the below-given steps.

  • To set your number on your device, go to the Settings and then Phone.
  • Now find the “My number” and hit on it to select; provide your number and you are done.

# iMessage activation issue could trigger for the time relating issue in your device. Make sure your device is synced to the correct time matching your location. It is recommended to set your device time in auto-mode. For that go to the Settings>General>Date & Time and now select the “Set Automatically” option, which should synchronize the time with your location automatically.

#There is another big issue could be with your Wi-Fi or Data Network, as you device need to connect with the iMessage server. So, check out if it is running well or not.

# One more quick troubleshooting you can do with this issue; go to the Settings and then drive into FaceTime. Now make sure you have selected both Apple ID and your phone number to catch FaceTime.

These are the quick solution for your iMessage activation error, as this issue happens for this common problems. So, I have given the resolution for it to try it out before moving to the comparatively long processes. In most cases, this works to fix the “iMessage waiting for activation…” error, as this mainly cause for the server issue and time-related issue. If it is for server related issue then you don’t have to do anything with this steps. All you need to wait for server response for iMessage activation. And for the time-related issue, you can find the solution on above.

Beside this most common issue, there are could be more fact behind the scene. So, check out more solution for it if the above-mentioned methods are not happening to resolve the issue on your iOS device.

Sign-Out Apple ID and Sign In Again:

For various reason, Your Apple ID might be stuck at a point and this can cause an issue while activating the iMessage. Even after following all initiative steps for iMessage, it shows you up “iMessage is waiting for activation…” at last. Check out how to fix this error steps by steps down below;

  • Go to the device Settings and step on to the Message option.
  • Tap on the Message and find the “Send & Receive“; again tap on that option.
  • Click on the Apple ID and select the “Sign out” button.
  • Switch off the iMessage now and follow by restart the “Data Connection.”
  • Now again turn on the iMessage and provide Apple ID details to reactivate iMessage.

Completing the terms, this error message can be fixed. Sometimes Apple ID stop synchronizing with your device and hence, the server couldn’t verify your ID while registering to the iMessage. Hence, try out this method to overcome this common error of an iPhone device.

Reset Device Network Settings:

Again this is recommended if the above steps are not working for this problem. Try to check if your device is well connected to an Internet Connection to run the verification procedure. As you know it is very important to have a working internet on your device while activating your iMessage. Moving to the fact, if you are connected to a good network connection then it is recommended to reset your device network settings.

Because there could be any incorrect settings in your network that troubling iMessage from verification. So, it is better to reset the settings of your network. Check it out how to reset network settings if you don’t know how.

Steps to Reset Network Settings:

  • Go to the device Settings and then followed by General menu.
  • Now tap on to the “Reset” button.
  • Now select the “Reset Network Settings.” Confirm your selection and all your network settings will be removed.

This is all you need to do to reset network settings on your device. If your device is getting the “iMessage is waiting for activation…” message then you’re advised to follow the terms. This should fix if it is occurring for the network issue in your device.

iMessage is an exclusive feature for iOS device users. The features come pre-installed on all iOS devices, and if you facing trouble activating the iMessage then I have given you all possible solution for “iMessage is waiting for activation…” error. There are quick troubleshooting steps are also given for you to try out at the very first and if these are not working then you can follow up other methods. So, these are all about the iMessage activation error for you; hope, you can fix it easily following the terms.