Facetime Vs WhatsApp | Which Video Calling App is the Best?

Facetime Vs WhatsApp: The video calling feature of Whatsapp is now launched and is currently available for all the operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android. Updated version of Whatsapp that will support video calling option for Android as well iOS users have been finally released now. Whereas FaceTime is giving the video calling feature long before.

Facetime vs WhatsApp

Facetime Vs WhatsApp – You Need to Know Everything:

WhatsApp video calling facility can be availed on any of the devices despite their operating system whereas FaceTime is only supported on iOS devices. There is a need for SIM in iOS devices and a FaceTime is only supported on iOS devices. There is a need for SIM in iOS devices and an Apple ID for Using the FaceTime application whereas WhatsApp video calling option can be availed without any SIM card in the device and it only requires a phone number to sign in. In this article, we will look forward to the features of both Whatsapp video calling as well as FaceTime.

Features of WhatsApp Video Calling:

WhatsApp video calling feature can be enabled on any operating system devices with the up gradation of Whatsapp to the newer version. Do make sure you are updating your WhatsApp to the latest version for the use of the video calling feature. WhatsApp is a renowned name in the field of instant messaging service and there are lots of attractive features attached with this application. The video calling feature which is recently added to the Whatsapp application is unique in its own kind. The features of Whatsapp video calls are as follows:

  • The application provides video calling option on a slow network also and at very low costs.
  • There is no time limit for video calling and if you have your device connected to a data network, you can easily use the feature of video calling to call your WhatsApp contacts.
  • The video calling function of the application is allowed on 2G/3G/4G as well as the Wi-Fi networks.
  • No matter wherever the other person you are making a video call is if he is connected to a stable data network and has the updated application of Whatsapp, you can easily video call to that particular person.

Features of FaceTime:

FaceTime is an application which comes pre-installed on iOS devices and has an inbuilt video calling function. This video calling function can be used to video call the contacts who are having iOS devices. The app is mainly built for iOS devices and has some very unique features. The features of FaceTime App are as follows:

  • It’s the best video and audio calling application and has over millions of user across the globe.
  • There are no network issues while the audio and video calling is going through the FaceTime application.
  • High definition video calling feature is supported by the application.
  • Both audio and video calling feature is smooth and natural.
  • The user interface is very simple to use and no technical knowledge is required to use it.
  • The application is free of cost and is preferred most for the international calling.
  • A user can use both primary as a well secondary camera for video calling function.
  • It allows video conferencing by which groups of people can be contacted at the same time.


So, this was an article on Facetime Vs WhatsApp. WhatsApp video calling sometimes shows bugs as it is very new to this field but soon it will be a leading application to be used across the globe as it is available for all the operating systems and platforms.