Apple’s Facetime Vs Google Duo: What’s the Main Difference?

Like Facetime the apple product, Google also has released its video chatting application Duo. There are many popular instant messaging app available at the market which and the most popular apps are those which allows video calling facility through its application. Previously there were many big companies who used to provide video calling option in their application like the apple has been doing it for several years through their app Facetime. Google Duo is the latest entrants in the video calling facility provided by the applications. It provides users to place quick video calls to their contacts. The reviews are positive for the Google Duo app but all are wondering about the main difference between Google Duo and Facetime application. In this article, we would find out the main difference in these two applications. Check Apple’s Facetime Vs Google Duo below.

Facetime VS Google Duo: Is Google Duo Better than FaceTime & Skype?

Facetime VS Google Duo

User Compatibility and Platform:

The main differences between these two are of the type of platforms in which the application can be used. Facetime can be only used in iOS and Apple devices and it cannot be used on android and windows platforms whereas Duo can be used in any platforms whether be it iOS or Android. The major drawback of Duo is it doesn’t only work on phone devices and there is no Duo for tablets and desktops. But on the other hand, Facetime is compatible with mobile, tablet as well as Mac.

The nice thing about Duo is it doesn’t require any Google account to use Duo, only a phone number is required to use Duo. But for using the Facetime application you should have an Apple ID.

User Interface:

Both the application provides a simple user interface and allows one-tap video calling option to its contacts. The interface of Facetime is little more traditional as it resembles the operating system of iOS.

Video Quality:

In the matter of video quality Duo wins big as Facetime faces some issues during video calls due to network connection like video hang and video drop. But on the other hand, Duo provides more stable video calling in slower networks as well. The feature of Google Duo continuously monitors traffic caused in the networks. So on a slower network to Duo will adjust itself whereas Facetime application fails to do so.

Unique Features:

The unique feature of Google Duo is it provides a knock- knock feature which provides live video feed of the person calling you before you answer the call. It’s the great way to judge whether to pick up the call or not by watching the preview.

On the other hand, Facetime also allows audio calling feature which is its unique feature. Sometimes it’s necessary to make audio calls which Duo doesn’t provide.

Conclusion on Facetime Vs Google Duo:

It’s very tough to decide which is better among these two. Duo wins in some of the areas like the compatibility on different platforms and slow network adjustments and doesn’t require any Google account for using it. Facetime also has some positive sides as well like device supports like tablets and Mac and making of audio calls through the application. But from my side Duo is better as it doesn’t allow video calls to drop even on a slow network.