Facetime Not Working? How to Fix Facetime Not Available Error on iOS?

Facetime is the best video calling application for the iOS devices users. There are lots of current users who are using the Facetime app and the popularity of the application keeps on increasing day by day. Every application has its own version of pros and cons attached to it. Similar is the case with the Facetime application too, there are also few cons which sometimes causes the app to function in an unusual way. The issues related to Facetime are both over Wi-Fi as well as over 3G/4G connections. Check How to Fix Facetime Not Working Error on iOS (iPhone/iPad) Devices? below

There are some basics issues which are problems related to accounts or passwords whereas there are also some bigger problems like the problems related to the router configurations or apple server related problems. We in this article will look at some of the problems and will the troubleshooting about it. These solutions are for fixing the issues of Facetime not connecting on your device.

Facetime Not Working on iPhone/iPad: Troubleshooting & Fixes:

Facetime Not Working on iOS

Device Compatibility:

Make sure your device is compatible with using Facetime over cellular data. Apple announced Facetime over only selected devices to be used on cellular data. Jailbreaking your device will surely make it compatible but it makes the warranty outdated.

Data Plan Compatibility:

Not all the mobile carrier allows the user to use Facetime over their data packs. So be very sure that your data provider allows you to use Facetime over cellular data. Therefore sometimes problems of Facetime not getting connected is due to data plan not compatible.

Toggle Airplane Mode:

Sometimes there are issues of network connection in some devices while getting the Facetime connected. To overcome these type of issues related with the network connection, try putting the airplane mode ON from the settings app and turn it back off after sometimes. This method will refresh your network both cellular data as well as the Wi-Fi.

Toggle Airplane Mode iPhone

Toggle Airplane Mode

Wi-Fi issues in iOS 9

There are lots of issues related to a Wi-Fi connection for using Facetime application. Inconsistent or unstable network, incorrect router settings prevents iPhone from connecting to the Wi-Fi leads to call failures in Facetime application.

Re-Logging into Your Facetime Account:

Problems caused in Facetime due to account authentication can be fixed by signing out and re-logging at your Facetime account. To complete this process you will have to follow some simple steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Open settings first and go to the Facetime option.
  • Disable the switch button of the Facetime option at the setting.
  • Turn on the switch of the Facetime again after few minutes. On turning on the button you will see the waiting for activation sign.
  • After Facetime is activated you can see the Apple ID section. Tap on it for signing out from the Apple ID section.
  • Re-login using your Apple credentials by tapping the use your Apple ID for Facetime.

Resetting all the Settings of Your Device:

This is the last option to fix the problem of Facetime not working by resetting all the settings of your device. To reset all settings follow these steps.

Settings->general->reset->reset all settings


These are the main troubleshooting steps for fixing the problem of Facetime not working on the iOS devices.