Facetime for Android Device Download – What are the Alternatives?

Facetime is the best video calling app developed by the Apple developers for the iOS users. There are huge demand and hype for the Facetime app among the Android users but unfortunately, This application is only for the iOS users. But don’t worry as we are here to discuss the ways to download the Facetime app on your Android devices. Officially Facetime app can be only used on any iOS devices and for using it on the Android devices you need Apk file of the Facetime application. Facetime app is not available for Android users but there are teams who have developed the Apk file of the Facetime app. So with the help of this Apk file, Facetime can be easily be used for Android devices. Check steps to download Facetime for Android device below.

Facetime was developed and designed for using it on the portable devices with the iOS operating system. The app is similar to the Skype and similarly, It also allows you to make video chat with your friends and family. The only major difference between Skype and Facetime is that Facetime is absolutely free of cost to be used. But before looking at the steps required for the downloading and installing the Facetime for Android devices we will look at some of the main features of the application.

How to Download Facetime App for Android Device Free?

Facetime for Android

When you are shooting a movie from the Camera app on your iPhone, there is a modest white shutter button at the corner which allows you shoot a still picture as you’re filming. Currently, Apple is bringing that exact same concept over to the FaceTime program in iOS 11, which means that you may shoot Live Photos of friends and family during video chats. FaceTime, that was first released back in 2010, was an immediate hit and very much still is. While having the ability to easily see and speak with your relatives and friends is fantastic, it has always been hard to capture and share moments with these, not at the video telephone itself.

In line with this poll, you’ll find very rare opportunities that Facetime users have undergone connection problems calls disturbance, video breakdown along with every other technical problem as from face time’s side. It’s actually a user-friendly application. The consumer does not require to be techier to use the Facetime. You May Download and Install Facetime to get PC Latest upgraded Program on Windows Free. Currently, this application is designed for your own Android users too. The Android user may use this incredible application on your own Android Smartphone too.

Features of Facetime for Android Device:

This video calling app is specially designed for iPhone users but due to the Apk file of the application, It can be used by the Android users as well. Facetime is a free video calling application which allows you to connect with various people across the globe. There are lots of similar apps available in the market which allows the user to use the video calling feature but due to its feature and user interface the Facetime app is the most loved video calling application for its users. Users are very thankful that now even for the Android users Facetime video calling application is available. Now every smartphone comes along with a dual camera, the default camera for the Facetime application is the front camera which can be easily changed whenever you want.

To see the best features of the Facetime application on your Android devices a proper and fast internet connection is required. The application mainly functions on data Otherwise, this application is absolutely free. Because of its easily optimized features and a good user interface the application is very popular worldwide. The application doesn’t require any signup or additional charges for video calling.

Facetime for Android – Does It Compatible with Android?

No, You cannot use FaceTime on Android. Apple doesn’t make FaceTime for Android. You know, Facetime is a video calling app which is used for making video calls on an iOS device only. This application is only applicable to making video calls to iOS devices users only. So to make video calls to non-iOS devices there are various alternatives for the Facetime app. There are lots of apps which allow people to make video calls to their friends and families and can be easily used as an alternative to Facetime App.

Top FaceTime Alternatives for Video Calling on Android Devices:

Facetime Alternatives


The Skype application can be used on various different operating systems and devices. The best part of using it as a video calling option is due to the fact that it is very popular and lots of people and companies are using it. Apart from video calling Skype also provides low-cost international calling option. Its interface is very easy to understand and that makes it very to use in spite of operating on different platforms. As it provides video calling option on various platforms, therefore, it is a great alternative to Facetime.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is developed by the Facebook developers were created in the year 2011 for an instant messaging facility on different platforms. Video calling feature was recently added to the Facebook Messenger features and its options are limited. For using the video calling option the person should be in your facebook contact and should be having messenger app.

Google Hangouts:

It’s Google’s own social media platform, Google Hangouts is used as an instant messaging app for Google Plus account. It is used for instant messaging and calling to your Google contact. The application is available on all operating system such as Windows, Android, and iOS. It can be used to video call 10 people simultaneously. It comes as a pre-installed app for Android users. In order to use Google Hangouts, one should have Google accounts.


Viber is the most popular application which is used for texting and calling your friends and family easily. The app works on the different operating system and can be used as the functionalities of a phone on a noncellular device. For using the facility of this application you have to first sign up by using your email or phone number. Video call can be done to those who are using Viber application and are a contact of yours despite different platforms.


This application has been labeled as the best free video calling apps from its worldwide users. Its user interface is very simple, easy to use and well designed. Facebook contacts can be imported using the tango application and it also provides an option of adding your phone’s contact list. Along with this it also allows you to meet people who are nearby and have one to one conversation. You must be at least 17years old to download the application.


These are the best Facetime Alternatives application to be used in place of Facetime application regardless of whatever platform or device you are using.