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The success of any idea lies in its constant urge to develop into a better concept. Facebook seems to apply this concept very well for its users. Since its inception in 2003, it has been consistently bringing something newer and better to it’s over a billion active users. Going with the same passion and exhilaration, Facebook brings for it’s over a billion users, the lightest messaging app, The Facebook Messenger App. Although being a cross-platform app, Facebook Messenger APK that is the android version has always something new and exciting for its users around the world.Android’s independence of development and Facebook’s innovative minds come together to bring you a messaging app that is so light that even a low storage smartphone can run it just fine without any hassles.

Even after acquiring the messaging giant, WhatsApp, Facebook knew it had to bring something for its already existing users. A messaging app that is not only exclusively meant for Facebook users but is not a liability for the storage space of their smartphones.Especially, the Android phones which already have a whole assemblage of applications resting on their phones. Thus, Facebook came up with the light and easy-to-use Facebook Messenger APK specifically designed to be used on phones.

Facebook Messenger App Features:

Facebook Messenger App

Not only this astounding tool is light on storage space but also has some really smart features to make it completely adorable on your Android device. So, let us take a look at some intelligent features of Facebook Messenger APK

  • Delivered and Seen: The app has a very singular way of notifying you when you message was delivered and seen as well. Unlike its website counterpart, where while chatting you see the word “Seen” itself the app makes it lighter by switching to more phone friendly ways. This is how the Facebook Messenger notifies you about the various stages from sending to being seen
    • After typing in the message when you hit the send button, you are immediately shown a blue circle notifying you that the message is being sent
    • Once the message is sent, the same blue circle has now a blue tick in it
    • This circle with tick is filled in with blue color to notify the delivery of your message
    • Finally, when the message is seen, you are notified by a small circle with the contact pic of your friend in it.
  • Free Voice and Video Calls: Facebook Messenger lets you have voice calls and video chats with your friends without any call charges. What’s more interesting is that the app gives you HD Video calls and a clear sound on voice calls to make you feel closer to your loved ones. And if you’re using a WiFi connection, you won’t even have to care about the data charges of your phone.
  • Built-In Camera: The app has its own built-in camera so that you can click your pics or shoot a video and share it instantly with your friends. You can also easily share your existing pics and videos with the help of this great app. Moreover, you can personalize these pictures by adding some drawings or text to them.
  • Location-Sharing: Not only does the app lets you share your coordinates with your friends but also a whole map of your location to make it easy for them to find you. You can also share maps of some meeting spots or destinations with your friends for them to check-out
  • Voice-Messages: Facebook Messenger also lets you send some voice messages to your friends. You can shout at them, sing for them or just record the message when you’re too tired to type it all.
  • Money-Sharing: Yep, it’s there. Just add your debit card with the app and you can easily send or receive money during the conversation, with the help of this friend-in-need app. Though currently, this feature is available in the US only, it will soon be available for other countries as well.
  • Group Chats: Gone are the days for just two friends. Enjoy a group and chat with all your friends at once.Group Chats on Facebook Messenger App is easy and fun.
  • Stickers: Need we tell you any more reasons!!! The adorable Facebook stickers are all there for you in the app. Enjoy chatting, teasing, laughing or sending stickers just for the fun of it.

Light Weight Feature:

Okay, we’ve been singing this lightweight song during this whole article. So, let us tell you more about this particular feature. Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to send your messages due to slow internet connections? Or do you continuously need to check you phone space to delete some chat backups to run your app better? These are some concerns Facebook Messenger doesn’t bother you with.The tool doesn’t trouble you with unnecessary heavy backups and is great even with slow internet connections. This makes it much lighter than all the other competitor messaging apps including WhatsApp too.

More Number of Users:

With its amazing features and surprisingly light weight, Facebook Messenger is able to reach a large number of users. Even if video and voice call is not one of your major concerns, this app has plenty of stuff to provide to its users. So, in addition to the general users, the app also reaches the ones with slower internet connections as well as low storage space in their smartphones. And for the ones not facing such problems, the attractive features and mind-blowing services are enough to have them connected if they haven’t already.

The Conclusion of Facebook Messenger App:

Facebook Messenger is a fascinating app to bring your Facebook chat experience to your phone with even more exhilarating features. With all its passion for serving its users and innovation to come up with new and more exciting. And it doesn’t stop here. Facebook is always going to provide something better to its user. You never know what next Facebook Messenger app is going to bring to you. You can always keep following us to know more.