Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices

Technology in its advancement has totally changed how we interact with each other and connect either with our loved ones or to our professional interests. The increasing growth and coverage of internet infrastructure in our cities all around the world have allowed us to rely on it to connect and stay in touch with the people important to us. Instant messaging is one such way of using the internet to either text or call friends, through a software installed on your smartphone. Instant messaging software’s are all the rage in the modern communication industry and are expected to grow in popularity as more and more people are provided with stable internet connections and smart phone access. Check Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices below.

There has been a wave of WhatsApp messaging in the last decade and the application seems to be ruling the roost, and rightly so! Currently, WhatsApp Messenger is being used by more than 1 billion people, in more than 18 countries. People have completely forgotten the good old short message service (SMS) and have completely taken up to the much updated and advanced version of messaging. Apart from being highly safe and secure to use, the USP of the application remains that it is completely free to use as it uses the internet connectivity to send across messages, pictures, videos and much more.

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices:

WhatsApp Messenger Free Download

This Instant Messenger is one such software which was developed to facilitate instant messaging and to connect with our loved ones on the move. Whatsapp Messenger uses the internet to send texts, images, or place calls to anyone who has the software installed on their phone too. The messaging service was developed by two Americans Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009. After tremendous success and a gigantic user base growing exponentially, Whatsapp Messenger was acquired by facebook in 2014 for approximately US$19 Billion, the biggest acquisition ever by the social media giant

When it was launched, Whatsapp just provided users with the option to text anyone who had the application installed in their smart phone too. Also, users could see the current status of the person which was displayed alongside their name on the screen. Currently, there are many other growing prospects for a messaging service and Whatsapp Messenger has tried to incorporate them in order to keep users engrossed and compete with other popular instant messengers such as snapchat and Facebook messenger. Some defining features of Whatsapp which set it apart from other chat applications are:

Features Of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Free voice calling over the internet
  • Free video calling using very low bandwidth and data
  • 24 hour live feeds, also known as stories.
  • Allows users to share files and media through chats.
  • End to end encryption for secure communication and safety from hackers

One issue which Whatsapp Messenger users were concerned about in the earlier stages of the company was its insecurity. Because of no data encryption available, users were worried that their data might get stolen or be used by hackers or law enforcement agencies to implicate them. Whatsapp first assured their users that their personal data would not be shared with anyone and their systems were very secure for any hack to take place. But after some high profile data leaks and hacks, Whatsapp was forced to introduce an end to end encryption in their messaging service which made retrieving information of chats and conversations almost impossible for anyone.

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android:

Whatsapp is available for android and ios, both being the world’s most standard operating systems for smartphones. To install Whatsapp on android follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google play store and search for Whatsapp in the search bar.
  • Once you have located the application, just press install and the app will be installed on your smartphone.
  • Open Whatsapp and after verification and connection to your mobile number, yoiu can start using Whatsapp

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For iOS:

  • Open Apple play store and locate the Whatsapp application
  • When located, just press install
  • After installation, open the Whatsapp application and you are good to go.

Whatsapp Messenger can be called as the pioneer of instant messaging services and is still the most trusted messenger for smartphones all over the world. The adapting prowess at which the company shapes itself to future demands will ultimately decide the future of Whatsapp and that of the instant messaging service as a whole.