How to Setup with iCloud Drive for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch?

iCloud Drive is an official cloud storage for files like Photo, Videos, Documents and much more for the Apple device. If you are having the Apple device like iPhone, iPad, Mac PC then you must sign up here with iCloud Drive. This will help you to store and keep any backups for your important files using this Drive storage. They are free to use and allow you to store up to 5GB free. Well, when you are getting something free from Apple company, then you should miss the chance to use it.

Well, to use the iCloud Drive you must sign up with your Apple ID. And iCloud Drive is a multi-platform media, where once created an account will allow you to use on any Apple devices. Here below in this article, we are going to give you quick guidelines by which you can easily get and sign up with iCloud Drive.

How to Setup with iCloud Drive For Apple Device?

iCloud Drive

Before going into the Setup process, you must meet all the following requirements. Some of the important requirement are listed below-

  • Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or even your Windows PC
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch must be iOS 9 or above
  • Mac should be with OS X Yosemite or above
  • PC with Windows 7 or above
  • And finally Browser like Safari, Firefox 22, or Google Chrome

When you have met all these requirements, now let us get directly into the tutorials.

Steps to setup with iCloud Drive for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch are smartphones for which you have to download the iCloud drive app.

  • To download the iCloud Drive- Click here
  • After the app is downloaded, now click on the Setting
  • Next, locate and select iCloud app
  • Now swipe to switch on iCloud Drive 

Steps to setup with iCloud Drive for Mac OS:

On using the Mac desktop, you will find an Apple Menu which appears on the desktop. Now turn on your data and start with iCloud setups.

  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Next, tab in the System Preferences
  • Now you will find iCloud select to process.
  • Sign in using your Apple ID
  • Finally, turn on your iCloud ID.

Steps to setup with iCloud Drive for Windows PC:

As discussed earlier,iCloud is a multi-platform media, so you can also them on your Windows PC. To use the iCloud Drive on Windows PC you have to sign in through your Chrome or Firefox browser. And the steps are shown below-

  • To use iCloud drive, you first have to enter into the iCloud official site- Click here
  • Now you have sign in with your Apple ID
  • Finally, click on the iCloud Drive, and click on Apply button


So these are complete details by which you can easily enter into the iCloud Drive using various devices. Once you have enabled the iCloud drive now you can easily store files and documents on your iCloud account. The free storage capacity provides up to 5 GB free but you can also switch to premium plans to get up to 200GB to 12 TB. Sign up with iCloud now and enjoy huge storage and backups features now.

GBWhatsApp Apk v5.90 Download Free Latest Version For Android!!

GBWhatsApp APK is an application for Android phones. WhatsApp is one of those applications which is available in almost all the smartphone around the world. Its simple convenient way of messaging makes it an excellent messaging app. And the craze for WhatsApp is very high in every section in the society. One can send document file like .doc, .xl, .pdf etc. through WhatsApp. Also one can make video calls with it even audio calls by this app. GBWhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp.

Its features are highly amazing. One doesn’t need to root their device to install it. Because for installing most of the mod version application into the device one need to root the device first. There GBWhatsApp stands out to be excellent. Though it’s a mod version it is not banned. It has some improved features loaded in it as compared to the original. Some of the features like sending the blank message, allowing the group name to be 35 characters etc.

GBWhatsApp Apk is a mod version of WhatsApp. It is better than WhatsApp plus and OGwhatsapp. It holds all the properties WhatsApp with that some extra facilities have been added. The features are highly interesting and which are discussed before that get steps to download GBWhatsapp Apk on Android device below.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Apk For Android?

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp is a brilliant android application.Being a mod version GBWhatsApp Apk is not available on Google PlayStore. One has to download from its official website. Below are the steps to download it.

Steps are

  • Go to the Device Setting and now search and enter into the Security.
  • Next, Device Administration and finally, Locate and enable Unknown Source.
  • Note: If you have already enabled the Unknown Source then you may skip the above steps.
  • After completion of above-mentioned steps now follow the steps mentioned below to download it.
  • Click on the below-given link to download and you will be redirected to the web page which contains the Apk file.
  • Click on the Download button to download the App.
  • Once downloaded, locate the download folder on your phone and click on the downloaded APK file. This will automatically start the installation process.
  • Click on the link to download Apk file of GBWhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp:

GBWhatsApp is an application where you will find some highly amazing facilities. It has some improved features. The benefits of GBWhatsApp Apk are:

  • Ban proof-It is fully banned proof, and there is no legal issue with it even being a mod version of the original.
  • High functionality-It have functionalities like sending a single blank message, sending video size up to 100mb than 16mb etc.
  • Improved privacy-It also gives facility where you can hide your last seen for some specific contact which was not possible in the original.
  • Increased broadcasting message -It comes up with where one can send 600 people broadcast message instead of 250 people.
  • Enable recall – It helps in recalling any call which was made previously and recalling any previously sent message.


GBWhatsApp Apk is undoubtedly a brilliant creation. They come with highly improved and useful application one can keep on their smartphone.  It helps the user in overcoming all the drawback in the original WhatsApp.  It is loaded with high facility and functionalities within it. For all the android users it is an excellent and advanced tool to have on their smartphone. Download the GBWhatsApp APK app now.

Siri For Android | Download the Latest Alternatives Of Siri App Free!!

Now a day, the voice recognition or voice assistant feature become more popular in Smartphones. If we talk about both Android and iOS devices, the voice assistant is very much important for all. As we know that in Apple devices, the Siri plays a very important role in case of voice assistant feature. Depending on that we are going to tell you about the Siri for Android devices too. But unfortunately, Siri is not available for install in Android devices. Officially and non officially, Siri is not available for Android devices. So we have to take the help of other best alternatives which provide the same features like Siri only.

In the Android app store i.e. on Google Play there are various types of voice assistant app available like Google Now, Cortana, Smart voice assistant etc. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the best alternatives which provide the same features like Siri for Android devices. You can easily download those apps from the Google Play for free and use them like Siri only. Without wasting the time start follow the below points and get know about the alternatives of Siri for Android in details.

Best Alternatives Like Siri For Android Device:

siri fro android

Now it is the time to get know about the best alternatives like Siri for Android. All the apps are easily available on Google Play for free to download. Let’s have a look at these apps discussed below.

Smart Voice Assistant:

At first, We are going to talk about smart voice assistant app which is a very helpful voice assistant app for Android. Same like Siri you can get the voice assistance through this app.  You can easily download this app for free from Google Play store.

Cortana for Android:

Cortana is a very well known app which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It comes inbuild with WIndows 10 but also available in Google Play for Android devices. As like Siri by Apple you can use Cortana on Android phones too.

Lyra Virtual Assistant:

As like Siri, Lyra also provides you a best intelligent human-like feedback in term of voice assistant. All the latest news about your favorite topics is also available through Lyra Virtual Assistant application.


Another all in all voice assistant app is Robin which also helps you to assist you through your voice. Go to the Google Play and just download this voice recognition app for your Android. It gives you almost same feature like Siri only.

Ok Google:

At last, We will talk about Ok Google which is an inbuilt Android Widget comes with Android OS only. Just place the Android Widget on your home screen and tap on that to start Ok Google voice recognition.

Thus besides all these above-mentioned applications, there are more voice recognition apps available in Google Play. So if you want apps like Siri for Android then above discussed app are some of the best options for you all. Besides that just visit the Google Play and download your favorite app from the list given there. Hope you all get the needful information about the alternatives of Siri for Android to download for free. Click on the title of the application and you can directly download that preferred app from the Google Play only.

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices

Technology in its advancement has totally changed how we interact with each other and connect either with our loved ones or to our professional interests. The increasing growth and coverage of internet infrastructure in our cities all around the world have allowed us to rely on it to connect and stay in touch with the people important to us. Instant messaging is one such way of using the internet to either text or call friends, through a software installed on your smartphone. Instant messaging software’s are all the rage in the modern communication industry and are expected to grow in popularity as more and more people are provided with stable internet connections and smart phone access. Check Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices below.

There has been a wave of WhatsApp messaging in the last decade and the application seems to be ruling the roost, and rightly so! Currently, WhatsApp Messenger is being used by more than 1 billion people, in more than 18 countries. People have completely forgotten the good old short message service (SMS) and have completely taken up to the much updated and advanced version of messaging. Apart from being highly safe and secure to use, the USP of the application remains that it is completely free to use as it uses the internet connectivity to send across messages, pictures, videos and much more.

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android and iOS Devices:

WhatsApp Messenger Free Download

This Instant Messenger is one such software which was developed to facilitate instant messaging and to connect with our loved ones on the move. Whatsapp Messenger uses the internet to send texts, images, or place calls to anyone who has the software installed on their phone too. The messaging service was developed by two Americans Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009. After tremendous success and a gigantic user base growing exponentially, Whatsapp Messenger was acquired by facebook in 2014 for approximately US$19 Billion, the biggest acquisition ever by the social media giant

When it was launched, Whatsapp just provided users with the option to text anyone who had the application installed in their smart phone too. Also, users could see the current status of the person which was displayed alongside their name on the screen. Currently, there are many other growing prospects for a messaging service and Whatsapp Messenger has tried to incorporate them in order to keep users engrossed and compete with other popular instant messengers such as snapchat and Facebook messenger. Some defining features of Whatsapp which set it apart from other chat applications are:

Features Of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Free voice calling over the internet
  • Free video calling using very low bandwidth and data
  • 24 hour live feeds, also known as stories.
  • Allows users to share files and media through chats.
  • End to end encryption for secure communication and safety from hackers

One issue which Whatsapp Messenger users were concerned about in the earlier stages of the company was its insecurity. Because of no data encryption available, users were worried that their data might get stolen or be used by hackers or law enforcement agencies to implicate them. Whatsapp first assured their users that their personal data would not be shared with anyone and their systems were very secure for any hack to take place. But after some high profile data leaks and hacks, Whatsapp was forced to introduce an end to end encryption in their messaging service which made retrieving information of chats and conversations almost impossible for anyone.

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For Android:

Whatsapp is available for android and ios, both being the world’s most standard operating systems for smartphones. To install Whatsapp on android follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google play store and search for Whatsapp in the search bar.
  • Once you have located the application, just press install and the app will be installed on your smartphone.
  • Open Whatsapp and after verification and connection to your mobile number, yoiu can start using Whatsapp

Whatsapp Messenger Free Download For iOS:

  • Open Apple play store and locate the Whatsapp application
  • When located, just press install
  • After installation, open the Whatsapp application and you are good to go.

Whatsapp Messenger can be called as the pioneer of instant messaging services and is still the most trusted messenger for smartphones all over the world. The adapting prowess at which the company shapes itself to future demands will ultimately decide the future of Whatsapp and that of the instant messaging service as a whole.

Best Music Download Apps for Android Device Free Latest Version

Music, rhythm is a way of life. Without music, a human life is meaningless. Music is one of the greatest ways to express our inner feelings, personality, and desire. Music can be a way to communicate, to make a bond with others. There is barely a person living on this Planet Earth who does not like music. The taste of people on music differs, but Music is universally accepted. As the revolutionary emerge of Smartphone the current generation, most of us relying on the Smartphone for various purposes including listening to favorite music tracks. There is a fun side of listening to music with Smartphone, headphone on. Check Top 5 Best Music Download Apps on Android below.

Making the best of Android Smartphone facility, developers from around the world are precisely utilizing their knowledge and talents in creating perfect apps for downloading and streaming quality music contents. However, you will find many useless apps for each task. Hence, there are also best music download apps for Android available in the online portals, which are way best in serving its users.

Best Music Download Apps for Android Device:

Best Music Download Apps

If you are lost in the clutter, having it hard to find out the best music download apps for Android Smartphone or Tab, I intend to play the role of savior here. So, here is the short list of best music download apps for Android platform you can blindly rely on for the best music experience.

1. My Mixtapez Music:

Keeping in mind the various taste on the music of different personality, My Mixtapez Music is conveniently designed to provide what is required for an individual. It does not mess up with thousands of music on a single plate. The app stream music of your own taste, and lets you to listen online or download for later enjoyment.

2. Audiomack Free Music:

The best thing about this app is that it updates you the hottest music albums or tracks before any other apps available around. It is very attractive in appearance and has got a smooth user interface. In addition to that, you can freely search for your desire music album, singles, and mixtapes to download.

3. Saavn Music & Radio:

Saavn provides you all kind of music from Bollywood albums, English, Hindi, Indian regional songs, radio contents. etc. You can freely listen to your favorite Indian and International artist anywhere, anytime. From the latest tracks to an antique piece of tracks, everything is available in Saavn.

4. Mp4 Music Download:

The classic appearing Android app is at its best in allowing you to download thousands of free music contents of your taste. The powerful music search engine provides you the best platforms of free music contents, and downloading of your favorite plays are meant to be done in the fastest way. So, get with it.

5. Mp3 Music Download:

This is one of the best music download apps for Android users. If you are certainly into only downloading mp3 music plays, this one should be worth having one for your Android device. Simply search for the music title you wish to listen to, and download it in a short period of time.

In order to download your favorite music contents from any kind of music genre, firstly you need to pick any one of the above-mentioned apps and download them from Google play store for free. These best music download apps for Android here are each worth having one.

iPad Air 3 Release Date, Price, Rumors, Features and Specs!!

It has been a few years the iPad Air 2 has been released in the market which has gained heavy popularity among its users because of its amazing working features. Similarly, good news for the people who are longing for the new iPad Air 3 is that you are not so far away from having this model on your hand.

This new iPad model has come with numbers of good features and affordable cost which is perfectly made looking for the benefits of the users. As per the rumors going on, this new iPad series is going to get released very soon. In this post, I will be giving you some of the specification of this new iPad Air 3 and its release date. So, if you want to know about this new iPad device then keep reading ahead of this post.

iPad Air 3 Released Date:

iPad Air 3

There are many false rumors going on about the launch of this new iPad Air 3 on the internet now due to which peoples are being devoid to knowing the exact date of its release. However, making such a fake statement is not appropriate as it is hurting people’s expectation as well. So, knowing the exact date and time is not possible, but hopefully, this new iPad Air 3 will get released in early September 2017. Till then you can keep yourself updated for grabbing this opportunity as early as possible.

iPad Air 3 Specifications:

There are much more things that is expected from the new iPad Air 3 because this new iPad series is expected to be much better. Since its earlier version has been appreciated by most of its users so that this new iPad series will be much better as per the rumors. Here are some of the specifications of iPad Air 3 listed below:

  • This new iPad Air 3 is expected to come up with 9.7-inch Display which is quite handy and suitable to use as well.
  • The iPad Pro will come up with in-built Apple A9X processor which is efficient in functioning.
  • It is expected to have at least 4GB of RAM which makes coverage of storing all your data.
  • It might be inbuilt with 8-megapixel iSight camera that will enable users to take full HD pictures.
  • This Pro version of iPad is expected to come up with the harder aluminum body which can resist dust, water, shock, etc.
  • It must be inbuilt with the new IOS 10 version which is much advance in functioning.

So, these all features are hopefully expected to be added in this Pro version of iPad Air 3 that is yet to get released by the early of September 2017. However, the features are not much different from its previous version iPad Air 2. There will be many more new features included in this Pro version of iPad which will really meet people’s demand.

Pricing of the New iPad Air 3:

The price of the new iPad Air 3 is expected to come with best features and accordingly, you can expect the price structure to be. However the price will be quite affordable, and hopefully, there will be no much variation in price structure with that of iPad Air 3. The exact price of this Pro iPad version is still kept secret, and the price will be revealed later before its release. So, till then you can keep yourself updated with the price of this iPad series. To get the latest updates on the latest iPad Air 3 pricing and specification, keep reading our post regularly.

There is no doubt that the Apple devices, always come up with the best things in the market and all its products work amazingly. In the same way, it is going to launch very early by September 2017, its new iPad Air 3 in the market. Those of you who are using the iPad Air 2 is quite aware of the working and functioning of this device as no complaint, or bad reviews are yet found. You might be really thinking about the price of this new model, but very sure it will be affordable for all. So, be alert and updated to grab this new opportunity that is ahead of you.

Apple’s Facetime Vs Google Duo: What’s the Main Difference?

Like Facetime the apple product, Google also has released its video chatting application Duo. There are many popular instant messaging app available at the market which and the most popular apps are those which allows video calling facility through its application. Previously there were many big companies who used to provide video calling option in their application like the apple has been doing it for several years through their app Facetime. Google Duo is the latest entrants in the video calling facility provided by the applications. It provides users to place quick video calls to their contacts. The reviews are positive for the Google Duo app but all are wondering about the main difference between Google Duo and Facetime application. In this article, we would find out the main difference in these two applications. Check Apple’s Facetime Vs Google Duo below.

Facetime VS Google Duo: Is Google Duo Better than FaceTime & Skype?

Facetime VS Google Duo

User Compatibility and Platform:

The main differences between these two are of the type of platforms in which the application can be used. Facetime can be only used in iOS and Apple devices and it cannot be used on android and windows platforms whereas Duo can be used in any platforms whether be it iOS or Android. The major drawback of Duo is it doesn’t only work on phone devices and there is no Duo for tablets and desktops. But on the other hand, Facetime is compatible with mobile, tablet as well as Mac.

The nice thing about Duo is it doesn’t require any Google account to use Duo, only a phone number is required to use Duo. But for using the Facetime application you should have an Apple ID.

User Interface:

Both the application provides a simple user interface and allows one-tap video calling option to its contacts. The interface of Facetime is little more traditional as it resembles the operating system of iOS.

Video Quality:

In the matter of video quality Duo wins big as Facetime faces some issues during video calls due to network connection like video hang and video drop. But on the other hand, Duo provides more stable video calling in slower networks as well. The feature of Google Duo continuously monitors traffic caused in the networks. So on a slower network to Duo will adjust itself whereas Facetime application fails to do so.

Unique Features:

The unique feature of Google Duo is it provides a knock- knock feature which provides live video feed of the person calling you before you answer the call. It’s the great way to judge whether to pick up the call or not by watching the preview.

On the other hand, Facetime also allows audio calling feature which is its unique feature. Sometimes it’s necessary to make audio calls which Duo doesn’t provide.

Conclusion on Facetime Vs Google Duo:

It’s very tough to decide which is better among these two. Duo wins in some of the areas like the compatibility on different platforms and slow network adjustments and doesn’t require any Google account for using it. Facetime also has some positive sides as well like device supports like tablets and Mac and making of audio calls through the application. But from my side Duo is better as it doesn’t allow video calls to drop even on a slow network.

Google Allo Apk | Download Latest App on iOS & Android Devices Free

Google Allo Apk is one of the new Google Application which has become the most popular app in the Google Play Store. This app is another great messaging app which will make the user conversations easier, more reliable, more expressive, and most importantly, the user can contact the known person from their contact list. To sum it up in a sentence, Google Allo apk is the messaging app with Google integrated into the app. The user can now search for their favorite chat photos without minimizing up the messaging app. Google Allo Apk is the Best Alternative for Facetime for Android Device.

Just like the others messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messengers, Google Allo have also put their focus more on giving the user most functional and simpler app for texting and chatting through the internet connection. Among all these messaging apps, there are some common features like stickers, Smart Reply back, and meme for making up the chatting experience more interesting, with improved fonts and much more to do. But unlike all these classic messaging apps, there is a unique feature as a twist for the Allo users- here the user will get additional features like the incognito mode and Google assistant mode. So with the presence of these special features, it keeps the uniqueness of the Google Trademarks.

How to Download Google Allo Apk for iOS and Android Devices?

Google Allo Apk

Google Allo application can be download and can be used in any platform- Android, iOS, Windows phone etc. but for downloading the app from the different operating system will require a different procedure to be followed in different devices. For Example- If the user has an Android device then the user can easily get the app on the Google play store.

Downloading the Google Allo for iPhone is very easy and simple in this the user just has to do is to find out it on iTunes and download it. There are tons of apps from Google in the iTunes which is compatible with all the iPhone system.

Steps to Download Google Allo APK for Android:

  • To download the Google Allo apk on the device, firstly download the Google Allo apk from the official website.
  • After downloading the app on the device firstly make sure that the user enabled the unknown sources on their device before installing it.
  • To enable the unknown sources simply just go the Settings of the device >>in that open Applications >> and scroll down there it has an option for Unknown sources, then simply tap on it to enable.
  • Now, the user can enjoy the Allo apk app on their android phone without any clauses and restrictions.

Steps to Download the Google Allo Apk on the iPhone Device:

  • The first thing the user has to do is download the iTunes App on their iOS device.
  • Once the user has successfully downloaded into their device now it is time for them to install the app.
  • After downloading, now the user should need to search for the app in their Apple store and click on to proceed download.
  • Tap on the app and download it.
  • Now after the user have successfully downloaded the app, now they could enjoy the fully smart Google Messenger Allo with the most extreme and unique good features and have the Google primary features too in the app.
  • Now the user can simply chat and share their trip or holiday pictures with much more interesting items added making the picture more expressive and much more.

Features of the Google Allo App:

There are many features provided by the Google Allo application. The features are:-

Google AssistanceWith the combination of Google Assistance, Allo has become the smartest messaging app that will not only allow the user to text and chats with their friends but also have other tools or feature such as Google Translate, quick search, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Quick Replies: Now when it comes for the messaging, Google Allo is providing the user with the cool automated replies system. That means that the user will be enabled with the answer prediction tools that can recognize the question and list an option of answer that the user just has to simply click and choose the answer for replying instantly and quickly.

Incognito Mode:

Another inbuilt Google feature here the user can is the Incognito mode, activating this mode can allow the user to text privately. Moreover, the main function of Incognito is to private up to the internet search history or keeping them hidden from the records of the system which is truly great to the people with high protection privacy concerns. Thus having this feature would make the user feel much more like they are using Google stuff.

Stickers: In the modern and advanced way of chatting or texting stickers have become one of the most common things to express the feeling or the intensity of the text message. So the Google Allo application have over millions of stickers message so that the user can send it to their friends.

Whisper Shout and Fonts Features:

Now the user can make an expressive reply with the new Google fonts and also the user can re-edit the pics with the drawing items in their picture message by making them more interesting for the recipient. An interesting feature that is available in the app is the Whisper shout that in this the user can also increase the size and shape of the text they want to type for adding up the more expression.

So here we have finished up with the new technology and features which are added in the Google Allo app. And we have also found out many possible ways for downloading the app on the preferred device like the Android and iPhone.


Many Android users can easily download the app with no issues, all they have to do is to pre-register in the Google play store and that’s all. But for the iPhone users, the user has to follow the process that is explained above, as the process mentioned above is analyzed and making sure that the user too would be able to download them on their ios or iPhone device. For more updates and latest notification on this just stay tuned with us!!

Facebook Messenger App | Messenger Download for Facebook Chat Free

The success of any idea lies in its constant urge to develop into a better concept. Facebook seems to apply this concept very well for its users. Since its inception in 2003, it has been consistently bringing something newer and better to it’s over a billion active users. Going with the same passion and exhilaration, Facebook brings for it’s over a billion users, the lightest messaging app, The Facebook Messenger App. Although being a cross-platform app, Facebook Messenger APK that is the android version has always something new and exciting for its users around the world.Android’s independence of development and Facebook’s innovative minds come together to bring you a messaging app that is so light that even a low storage smartphone can run it just fine without any hassles.

Even after acquiring the messaging giant, WhatsApp, Facebook knew it had to bring something for its already existing users. A messaging app that is not only exclusively meant for Facebook users but is not a liability for the storage space of their smartphones.Especially, the Android phones which already have a whole assemblage of applications resting on their phones. Thus, Facebook came up with the light and easy-to-use Facebook Messenger APK specifically designed to be used on phones.

Facebook Messenger App Features:

Facebook Messenger App

Not only this astounding tool is light on storage space but also has some really smart features to make it completely adorable on your Android device. So, let us take a look at some intelligent features of Facebook Messenger APK

  • Delivered and Seen: The app has a very singular way of notifying you when you message was delivered and seen as well. Unlike its website counterpart, where while chatting you see the word “Seen” itself the app makes it lighter by switching to more phone friendly ways. This is how the Facebook Messenger notifies you about the various stages from sending to being seen
    • After typing in the message when you hit the send button, you are immediately shown a blue circle notifying you that the message is being sent
    • Once the message is sent, the same blue circle has now a blue tick in it
    • This circle with tick is filled in with blue color to notify the delivery of your message
    • Finally, when the message is seen, you are notified by a small circle with the contact pic of your friend in it.
  • Free Voice and Video Calls: Facebook Messenger lets you have voice calls and video chats with your friends without any call charges. What’s more interesting is that the app gives you HD Video calls and a clear sound on voice calls to make you feel closer to your loved ones. And if you’re using a WiFi connection, you won’t even have to care about the data charges of your phone.
  • Built-In Camera: The app has its own built-in camera so that you can click your pics or shoot a video and share it instantly with your friends. You can also easily share your existing pics and videos with the help of this great app. Moreover, you can personalize these pictures by adding some drawings or text to them.
  • Location-Sharing: Not only does the app lets you share your coordinates with your friends but also a whole map of your location to make it easy for them to find you. You can also share maps of some meeting spots or destinations with your friends for them to check-out
  • Voice-Messages: Facebook Messenger also lets you send some voice messages to your friends. You can shout at them, sing for them or just record the message when you’re too tired to type it all.
  • Money-Sharing: Yep, it’s there. Just add your debit card with the app and you can easily send or receive money during the conversation, with the help of this friend-in-need app. Though currently, this feature is available in the US only, it will soon be available for other countries as well.
  • Group Chats: Gone are the days for just two friends. Enjoy a group and chat with all your friends at once.Group Chats on Facebook Messenger App is easy and fun.
  • Stickers: Need we tell you any more reasons!!! The adorable Facebook stickers are all there for you in the app. Enjoy chatting, teasing, laughing or sending stickers just for the fun of it.

Light Weight Feature:

Okay, we’ve been singing this lightweight song during this whole article. So, let us tell you more about this particular feature. Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to send your messages due to slow internet connections? Or do you continuously need to check you phone space to delete some chat backups to run your app better? These are some concerns Facebook Messenger doesn’t bother you with.The tool doesn’t trouble you with unnecessary heavy backups and is great even with slow internet connections. This makes it much lighter than all the other competitor messaging apps including WhatsApp too.

More Number of Users:

With its amazing features and surprisingly light weight, Facebook Messenger is able to reach a large number of users. Even if video and voice call is not one of your major concerns, this app has plenty of stuff to provide to its users. So, in addition to the general users, the app also reaches the ones with slower internet connections as well as low storage space in their smartphones. And for the ones not facing such problems, the attractive features and mind-blowing services are enough to have them connected if they haven’t already.

The Conclusion of Facebook Messenger App:

Facebook Messenger is a fascinating app to bring your Facebook chat experience to your phone with even more exhilarating features. With all its passion for serving its users and innovation to come up with new and more exciting. And it doesn’t stop here. Facebook is always going to provide something better to its user. You never know what next Facebook Messenger app is going to bring to you. You can always keep following us to know more.